True North


Gin Adventurer

Curated Gin Experience

Answer the call of adventure with four beautifully packaged Gin Spirit Kits. Each kit contains five different 50 ml tasting bottles of craft gin, and access to our world-first sensory online platform, the Flavour Trail.

As a special welcome, each Adventurer Membership will receive a members-only True North engraved Glencairn glass and Travel Case for you to enjoy with your new gin experience.

This membership includes:
1. Four beautifully packaged Gin Spirit Kits at a special Adventurer Membership price
2. A True North members-only Glencairn glass and Travel Case, valued at $50
3. Access the Flavour Trail
4. Free Australian-wide delivery
For more information on each individual Gin Spirit Kit, please visit our spirits kits


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