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True North

Every great journey has a unique beginning. True North’s began ten years ago when a young chemist named Rowan Prangley purchased his first bottle of single malt whisky, igniting a passion to learn more about premium spirits and the makers behind them.

During his pathway of discovery, Rowan drew on his knowledge of chemistry and developed a vision for a physical and online experience that offered people a new way to taste, explore and share premium spirits. And so True North was born.

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Our memberships present a new world of appreciation, spirits education, events and exclusive member benefits.
Beautifully packaged and curated, members have access to Spirits Kits of gin and whisky with five 50ml samples of premium, international and locally crafted spirits.

The kits include a guide to flavours using our unique online sensory platform, the Flavour Trail, paving the way for new discoveries.

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Flavour Trail

Record your favourite aromas and flavours and contribute to a global archive of spirits through the Flavour Trail – our world-first sensory online platform.

The ultimate sensory experience

Elevate your discovery of spirits to new heights through joining the tasting adventure of our premium and craft spirits offerings.

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Let the Flavour Trail recommend spirits based on your personal flavour profiles.

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Make personal contributions to an invaluable guide for distilleries around the world.