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Welcome to Flavour Trail

Oct 9|

True North Adventurer and Voyager memberships have access to the Flavour Trail, our online platform for the senses; but what is the Flavour Trail and how can it improve your enjoyment of spirits?

Spirits featured in our curated monthly Spirits Kits have their own distinct flavours and aromas. Each persons ability to identify these flavours is different from one person to the next; this is where the Flavour Trail plays an important part in presenting different flavour groups and how they can be experienced on the palate.

Flavour Trail maps have a series of 12 primary flavour groups. For Gin spirit, these groups are: Floral, Sweetness, Nutty, Heat, Spicy, Zesty, Piney, Herbal, Cucurbit, Fruity, Berries and Earthy.

Each map reveals flavour group intensities by using a star-shaped pattern; the pointier the pattern and furthest from the map’s centre illustrates a greater sensation felt on the nose and palate. If one of the points is closer to the centre of the map; this means the flavour is not experienced as intensely.

Clicking the individual points around the map will yield new and exciting information about each flavour groups for the particular spirit you are tasting. Use these as a guide to help navigate what flavours you nose and taste in spirits.

Your enjoyment of each flavour group can be recorded with the Flavour Trail so why not rate each flavour and aroma you experience. By doing so, you will be contributing to an archive of flavour preferences.




Choosing your Membership

Oct 9|

True North offers three unique memberships: Traveller, Adventurer and Voyager.

As a Adventurer, you can choose to receive one or both of our beautifully curated Spirits Kits each month. You also have access to the Flavour Trail, where you can learn about the flavours and aromas of each spirit you enjoy. Adventurer memberships also give premium access to special Distillery products and members-only preferential pricing on full bottle purchases.

True North also offers the availability to purchase our Spirits Kits as a one-off gift-to-self, or as a gift for another. Check out our Voyager Membership by clicking here.




To our Pozible Supporters

Oct 9|

After the wonderful success of our Pozible crowdfunding campaign, True North has now launched its new website!

We are so appreciative to our Pozible supporters whose generosity, faith and patience have helped bring True North to the Australian community. Furthermore, each Pozible Pledge has allowed us to refine and continue the development of the Flavour Trail, our unique online platform for the senses.

True North is so grateful and would like to thank the following supporters with the following shout-outs as recorded during their Pledge:

Billy Onderstal

Swiftcrest Distillery

Classic Aero Adventure Flights

Scott Mackie


Samuel Roger Thompson

Tricia Kwast

Erin Cassie

Ryan Gill

Lyle Cryer

Zaac Woodhead



Rivertown Trading Co.

Jason Watt


Steve & Cathy Norvill

Julian V. Costanzo

Tim Harrington

Bek Sutherland

Lucy Best

Dirty Wilson


Fiona and Matt

Philip & Cheryl Prangley

Paula jayne ogilvie

Dram Club

Spittle family

Adam Smith

Deane Smith

Sara Stace


Graeme Healy

Tas Whisky Academy

Glenn McPhee

Rhys and Jess

Rachel Stephenson & Jeffrey Crough

Sam Woods

Revolution Advisors

William Edwards



Rowen & Jess Urquhart

Victoria Tulloch

May Miller

Squad Ink

Paul Quinn

Matt & Ash



Regan Jones


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