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Most popular FAQs

If you have any questions that we haven’t covered here, feel free to contact us.

Firstly, thank you for thinking of True North and wanting to share your brands’ story and authenticity with our members – we’d love to work with you.

Please send us a message via our Partnerships page by clicking here.

Yes we do!

Please send us a message via our Contacts page by clicking here.

If you have been gifted a one-off Spirit Gift Kit, remember to make an account with True North by clicking here.

Your Gift Kit comes with a complimentary 30-days access to our website and the Flavour Trail. Once this period expires, we will send you an email offer to sign-up as an Adventurer member. You will be asked to confirm your membership details and enter your billing information to become an Adventurer member of True North.

The first payment will occur right after your Adventurer or Voyager membership order is successfully completed.

Billing cycles are the 20th day of each month, seven (7) days before our shipment date.

All Adventurer memberships are recurring monthly billing cycles. You can view your next billing date when signed-in to your True North My Accounts page.

Billing cycles occur on the 20th day of each month, 7-days before each shipment is released. You can view your billing information in your ‘Subscriptions’ tab on your My Accounts page.

In your My Accounts page, you will be able to access your ‘Orders’ tab and view your order history as well as update your account details in the ‘Account details’ tab.

Things to consider:

– If you have paused your membership, your next payment charge date will still be the 20th day of the given month when your membership is resumed.

– You can pause your membership for a maximum period of 3-months.

No problem! If you are logged into your True North account, click here to reset your password.

If you have forgotten your password and are no longer logged into your True North account, click here below and follow the prompts to retrieve your password.

Enter your username or email address linked to your account, then click ‘Reset Password’. We will send you a link so you can add a new password.

If you don’t receive an email within 10-minutes, your account may is under a different email address.  If you need help updating your password, simply contact us via email at hello@truenorthspirits.com.au

To update your shipping address, follow these 4-steps:

1) Head to your True North login link via the navigation bar at the top of each page and login to your account.

2) On the My Account page, click the ‘Addresses’ tab.

3) Change your shipping address and/or billing address via clicking the ‘Edit’ link and fill out your information in the required fields.

4) Click the ‘Save Address’ button to save your new information.

Once saved, your updated address will replace your previous address.

True North Spirits Kits are shipped on the 27th day of each month. We will send you an email notification with the tracking information for your purchase.

Please note, True North does not ship to Parcel Locker.

If you are unable to receive your Spirit Kit or purchased item prior to our send-out date due to circumstances, please let us know by sending us an email at hello@truenorthspirits.com.au and we will place a hold on your item. Rest assured, your purchased goods are in safe hands and will be sent to you during the next shipping cycle.

We ship our Spirits Kits through Sendle and include tracking on each order. Depending on location, it will take 1-7 business days to arrive after its been shipped.

Please note, True North does not ship to Parcel Locker.

Each month when your order has been shipped, you will receive an email from Sendle with a tracking number notifying that your Spirit Kit is on its way.

At rare instances, a Spirits Kits’ tracking info may not update or it may show delivery occurred at a different address.

Get in touch with us if you have tracking issues by emailing hello@truenorthspirits.com.au

Unfortunately, we do not currently ship outside of Australia.

Our goal is to deliver the best premium and craft spirits in a consistent, convenient and affordable way. We endeavour to provide this service soon, so please keep in touch with us by becoming a Traveller member and we will notify you when True North offers international shipping.

You can pause your membership at any time via the ‘Subscriptions’ tab on your My Accounts page.

To do this, click on you ‘Subscriptions’ tab in your My Account page. This will display you subscription number with True North. Click the subscription number to view you entire membership details.

In the ‘Actions’ row, click the link called ‘Suspend’, this will place your membership on hold.

Your membership can be paused for a maximum of 3 months. During this time, we will send you an email reminding you that your membership is about to resume prior to your paused period ending.

If you wish to resume your membership, go to your ‘Subscriptions’ tab on your My Accounts page. Click your subscription number then click the ‘Reactivate’ link to recommence your membership.

If receiving a monthly Spirit Kit is too much for you, we might be able to help you with bimonthly Spirits Kits. Please contact us at hello@truenorthspirits.com.au to find out more.

We value your membership but if you need to cancel you can do so in your My Accounts page. To cancel your membership, click the Subscriptions’ tab followed by clicking your subscription number. On this page, all your membership details will display.

In the ‘Actions’ row, click ‘Cancel’ to cancel your subscription.

Please note that you must cancel your membership at least seven (7) days before the next billing period which is the 20th day of each given month.

Keep in mind, when you cancel your Adventurer membership you will be downgraded to the Traveller members tier. You can always upgrade back to an Adventurer membership but if your plan to return we recommend just pausing your membership. See ‘Can I pause my membership?’ on the FAQ page.